Chocolate Dipped Cherries




The best thing I learned all summer was how to pit and cherry, leaving the stem intact. I’m against one-use kitchen tools, so I’ve never bought a cherry pitter. I discovered on the Internets that you can use a pastry tip to easily pit a cherry. You just press the cherry over the pastry tip, et voila, the pit comes out the other side and you can preserve the stem fairly easily. The natural thing to do with these pitted cherries is to dip them in chocolate!

Pitted Cherries
Coconut Oil
Semi Sweet (or any kind of chocolate you like!) chips, or chopped

Pit the cherries and set aside.
Stir together chocolate and coconut oil over heat, or in the microwave.
When the chocolate is at a good consistency, dip the cherries.
Put dipped cherries on a plate and briefly refridgerate to set.

I’m not sure of the oil to chocolate ratio, I always just wing it and it seems to come out okay! You definitely want quite a bit more chocolate though.


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